Hypersex, Moullinex’s newest album, is a collective love letter to Club Culture, a celebration of its diversity, openness to exploration and birth of many social, cultural and political movements. The keyword: sharing. The place: the dance floor.

On his third studio album, Luis Clara Gomes extended the creative process to several guest collaborators, from Fritz Helder to Georgia Anne Muldrow, UhAhUh and Tee Flowers, all singers he works with for the first time, to Iwona Skwarek, Best Youth, Marta Ren and Da Chick, long time partners in crime. With each guest he addresses each aspect of his infatuation for groove: sunny House music, tropical psychedelia with Brazilian curves, modern soul with a foot in the classics of Motown, jazzy melodies that never take themselves too seriously — all utterly irresistible.

Sounds like one of my better dreams.

— Fatboy Slim on "Hypersex"
“likely the best work he’s ever produced”
Continually looking ahead, Moullinex crafts connections between disparate scenes, joining the dots to create a frisky stew all of his own.
— Clash Magazine

Hypersex: the Fanzine

This notion of fruitful promiscuity spanning from the dance floor is materialized in the visual identity of ‘Hypersex’. The album’s artwork was designed by Bráulio Amado, one of the most prolific and international Portuguese designers. The vinyl release is accompanied by a fanzine, which is as collaborative and diverse as the album itself, with many guest illustrators: Gonçalo Duarte, Lord Mantraste, Sonja, Ricardo Passaporte, Sollidha, Oscar Raña, Rita Matos, Heall Yeah, Francisco Ferreira and Rudolfo, each one exploring their own relationship with the subject. 


Hypersex: The Event

Hypersex was more than the release event of Moullinex's new album. It was a 24h collective celebration of club culture as an inclusive melting pot and starting point of many cultural, social and political phenomenons.
Bridging the museum's white cube, a sacred space designed for contemplation, and the nightclub's black box, a place for limitless excess, sexuality, inclusivity and even the creation of a social utopia, where the intersection of two polar opposites can become in fact a true Temporary Autonomous Zone, as described by Hakim Bey.
The sold out first event took place in MAAT (Lisbon's Museum for Art, Architecture and Technology), starting with a concert by Moullinex and followed by a performance by transgender artist Aurora Pinho and DJ sets by artists from the emerging Lisbon electronic music scene, running until the early hours of the morning, the moment when the exhibition was then opened to the museum's public. The show included art pieces by Bráulio Amado, João Pedro Vale and Nuno Alexandre Ferreira and many of the artists involved in the record's visual manifestations.

Hypersex Live @ Coliseu dos Recreios, Lisbon

Hypersex Live @ Coliseu dos Recreios, Lisbon